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What Computer should I buy ? (For photography that is) – Part 1.

What camera should I buy ? What lens should I buy ? Those are  one of the most often asked questions by beginning photographers. Some seasoned pros even have semi-perpetual posts on their blogs dedicated to the subject. It is … Continue reading

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Interview Series: Steve Skinner

I came across Steve Skinner’s images on flickr not that long ago and instantly, his pictures became my favourites. I see many excellent images every week but Steve’s work clearly stands out from the crowd. His beautiful, moody and enchanting … Continue reading

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Image Deconstructed: Sunrise over Otter Point

Well, the subtitle for this post should’ve been: “How to survive and overcome a Brain Cramp”. You see, I scouted this location very early during my photo shoot in Acadia National Park. I wrote about it a few weeks ago. … Continue reading

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Adobe Creative Cloud – The Sequel

As you probably know by now, last week during the Photoshop World in Las Vegas, Adobe announced a new Creative Cloud product bundle aimed at photographers. You may remember when Adobe first introduced CC in May it was met with … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Sigma Photo

Sigma is an interesting case. Way back when I was just starting my journey with photography, Sigma was just one of a few third party lens manufacturers who were targeting mostly amateur marked by offering lenses of mediocre quality but … Continue reading

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