Zion &Bryce: The things I learned

I’m currently in Zion National Park and just returned from Bryce Canyon. What can I say ? Both places are breathtaking. I’m sure it is not my last visit in the area. The amazing concentration of iconic locations in a relatively small area of the US South West makes it the “go to” place for landscape photographers.

SOOO, what did I learn ? A few things. Here it is:

  • Never procrastinate when you see an interesting scene. Never assume that you can take a picture 20 minutes later, “on my way back”. I kinda knew that but was bitten a couple of times when the sun moved and the light wasn’t the same anymore.
  • 3-star, chain hotels are WAAY better than 4 and 5 star fancy ones. You get the same value for half the price. Best Western, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn rock !!!
  • Nothin beats YakTrax in snow and ice !!!

To all readers of this blog, Happy Holidays and awesome light !!! Keep shoting !!!

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